When can I get a lease horse and how long is the lease?

Pond Hill likes you to select horses 1 week prior to the requested delivery date. If you are planning on leasing a number of horses, we encourage you to contact us during the first few months of the year in which you need the horses. 
Our leasing program fills up rapidly and an early reply would benefit you. Our lease schedules are flexible, we have leases available for as short as a month to as long as a whole season.

How many horses can be leased?

You may lease 1 horse or as many as needed.

Are horses that are leased available for purchase?

A horse can be selected with the option of purchase at the end of the lease. 
A purchase price is given on the day of the lease.

Does equipment come with the horse?

Every horse comes with a halter and lead rope. An english or western saddle, bridle, and pad can accompany the horse for an additional fee. Equipment is not included in the purchase price of the horse.

How will I get the horses to my location?

Pond Hill will transport the lease horse/horses, for an agreed upon fee.

What if the horse proves unsuitable?

If a horse proves unsuitable Pond Hill Ranch will exchange the horse for a set exchange fee, which is listed in the contract. Pond Hill Ranch will make the exchange in a timely manner.

If you have a question about leasing a horse, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We will gladly answer your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions...

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